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Concrete Blonde (Self-titled 1986) EAC FLAC Lossless + MP3 Format

FLAC + 320kB/s

I've looked around and don't see any FLAC Lossless offerings that are current, so I'm putting mine out there.

This is one of the first CDs I ever owned... I got my first CD player in late 1985, and at the time I bought this, I had a grand total of five compact discs. A worthwhile purchase I made, too... I love this album. Although I've had the disc for a looooong time, I've taken good care of it; there are no scratches or dirt on the disc, and there were no errors in the rip. For some odd reason, the last track on this copy of the CD is not in the AccurateRip database, otherwise it has a good report.

This is hard to find new, and expensive... a quick check on Amazon and a new copy is available for $50.00. Used copies considerably less, but... help yourself to this one, and enjoy it. Johnette Napolitano is unique and wonderful, yes? And what a cool name.


Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5/AccurateRip

Log + Cue + Playlist



Paula said...

This is one of my husbands favourite! I downloaded it a while ago and failed to say thank you. The quality is superb.Thanks for sharing.

El Isabelino said...

I was searching for a The Damned record and for some reason this post came out on the search. Went for it because my copy is currently lost in my music maze. This record, I gotta tell you, is one of the ones you remember very dearly, and like you mentioned on another post, it can take you to a specific memory that you cherish a lot. Again going to college gave me the opportunity to go to nice record stores and obviously I used to hang out almost everyday in those stores. One of those days 2 copies of the Concrete Blonde album got to the store, 1 on Lp and 1 on CD. The salesclerk grabbed the vinyl after 1 listen and I was then force to buy the CD even though I didn't owned a player yet, it sounded that good. It is my brother's favorite album, after the Beatles, too. Saludos.

Ҫჯ said...

You know, I don't know what the deal is, but lately people have been doing totally unrelated searches, and winding up on this site... I have been getting emails, people saying a search pointed to these blogs for things I don't even have, much less have put up, lol.

I am happy you landed here though! You got something you like, once again.

Anonymous said...

thanx-a-lot from europe

Tanktop said...

Hi Cx,

This first Concrete Blonde was one of my first purchased recordings too! It hit my mood at the time, and went on to make timeless memories for me. I lost it along the way, so finding it as a gift here at you wonderful blog really touched me. Thank you so much, cool & eclectic gal:)

All the BEST,