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colette Paris "Thrill of colette" EAC FLAC Lossless + MP3 Format

FLAC + 320kB/s

2005 in-store music compilation CD from colette Paris, 213 rue Saint-Honoré.
This has become very difficult to find, and very expensive. Various artists, 16 tracks.

Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5/AccurateRip

Log + Cue + Playlist + Art



Anonymous said...

This is splendid, thank you.. very good flac. Do you happen to have any more in the colette series?.. I'm looking for No.4 and No.5 if you have them. Appreciate this!

Ҫჯ said...

No, I'm sorry I don't...


I have #4, but it is in MP3 format, and it isn't my rip... I don't usually put anything up here unless I ripped/compressed it myself.

Maybe send me an email addy, and I will share it with you.

fortun. said...

ahhhhhhhhh! merci très beaucoup.

Raven said...


I didn't know what to expect on here really, but this is good, very cute and fun. I LOVE the CD art! It's cute too! Thanks lots!