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Yellowjackets "Politics" EAC FLAC Lossless + MP3 Format

FLAC + 320kB/s

There are recordings that make you feel happy to be alive, simply because you can listen to them. This is one of those recordings. It is damn near perfect.

Released in 1988, Politics won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion performance for 1989. Less than three years later it was out of print. I own two copies of this CD, and one I had never opened. I decided to open it for this lossless rip, so it's as close to shiny-new as you can get. There are a few copies out there, but a new/unused disc will run you about fifty bucks on Amazon, so I'm happy to share.

I read somewhere, many years ago, that Evening Dance is a "response" to Dave Grusin's Mountain Dance... I've long since forgotten the story behind it, but I think it's the prettiest track on here. And the tribute to Jaco Pastorius, called Galileo, is heartbreaking... it sounds like Jaco's spirit, come back to haunt.

This recording should never have gone out of print. It's too wonderful.

...and the cover art rules, yes?


Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5/AccurateRip

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Anonymous said...

Thank You so much

-Sunraes- said...

Thanks for this great album, in great quality!


Anonymous said...

been looking for this lossless for years. Thanks!

Antonio Cabrera said...

Why, of all the albums that the 'Jackets have recorded, is this one of the few that is NOT currently available as an MP3 downloadable album? This is perhaps one of their best albums (college years - Shades, Four Corners, Politics, The Spin) that I had on permanent rotation; I sadly loaned out my autographed copy to a fellow musician who never returned it to me...thank you for sharing this absolute GEM.