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Burton Cummings Live/Boston 1977

Burton's performance at The Hatch Shell in Boston, Mass on April 30th, 1977.

The quality on this is Good/Very Good, depending on your perspective. If you're a massive Cummings fan, and are used to live bootlegs, you will be happy enough with the sound quality. It's a soundboard capture, not quite as clean and pristine as the New York recordings. A teeny bit of tape hiss in a couple of places, but as bootlegs go, this is still a real keeper.

Enjoy them both :)

**Please note: You do not have permission to download and re-post this as your own effort.**

Thank you.




Juanita said...

Thank you, Cydney, for all of your hard work and generous spirit!

Tami said...

Thank you Cyd, I think I may have this but I snagged it just in case. Sure wish there was one central location to grab these boots from, but it's nice to see them out there anyway!

~ Tami

Ҫჯ said...

I was told recently that Wolfgang's Vault has these concerts available for download, but they are charging money for them, profiting off of them.

Since the recordings are not WV's intellectual property, and they hold no copyrights to them, I found that rather lame, so...

Here they are :D

~Linda~ said...

Fabulous Cydney!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful Burton Cummings downloads. So many songs I have never heard before and the quality is fantastic. It is amazing that a young Burton has been forever captured in time! You are obviously very talented in what you do! It is very much appreciated at this end.