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Burton Cummings WSAK Interview 6/2010

Burton holds his own with a disc jockey that can only be described as a bit of an idjit, lol. I have edited out as much idiocy as possible at the start of the interview, so you won't have to listen to it, and I cleaned up the audio quality a bit.

Just my little opinion, but... who gives a shit about a resurgence in popularity for Journey with twelve year olds? You'll see my point.

If you've lost track of Burton Cummings over the years, this is an important interview for you to hear, as Burton clearly explains the difference between The Guess Who, and The Guess Who's NOT, in reference to the perennially touring bogus-band calling themselves The Guess Who. I have renamed them "The Guess Who Isn't" and I think that's a rather fetching (and appropriate) name for them.

At any rate, Burton manages to stay interesting and informative here, in spite of his rather inept interviewer.

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