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Burton Cummings KLOS Interview 7/2010

Okay, this was one very fun interview, but a bit different from the "Above The Ground" focused interviews he's been doing the past few weeks... I edited the interview out of the show's podcast, so all that you're downloading is the segment with Burton.

You'll get to hear Burton fail miserably er, I mean compete gamely, with KLOS air staff in a rather difficult trivia quiz!

KLOS morning men Mark and Brian are very fond of Burton, he's a longtime fave with this station, and it's clearly evident in this interview. This one is just for fun.

**Please note: You do not have permission to download and re-post this as your own effort.**




~Linda~ said...

That was priceless Cydney! Glad I didn't miss hearing it, thank you!

Ҫჯ said...

You're so welcome, dear one :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks kid. KLOS is blocked up here.

Ҫჯ said...

That's what I understand now, I didn't realize yesterday that Canadian listeners couldn't access KLOS-FM online.

Sad, but we are seeing that more and more in cyber... ABC News is now blocking foreign countries from accessing all their programs... can't access Russian sites much anymore... it's a shame, imo.

TamiM said...

Thanks, Cyd, heard it live but it's nice to have a copy for the old archives! You're a doll.

Ҫჯ said...

You're welcome, Tami :)

I heard it live too, and caught myself yelling "Glenn Frey!!" and "Lion!!" out loud at Burton, like he could hear, lolz...

That wUz a tUff quizzler.