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Burton Cummings WCSX Interview 6/8/10

This one was well-liked by everybody, I think. I have to agree that it's one of the best on here. Burton's interviewer was sharp... he did his homework, and it showed.

Enjoy it.

**Please note: You do not have permission to download and re-post this as your own effort.**




Anonymous said...

This interview was quite interesting. Burton is always so clear and easy to understand when he conducts an interview. And I see he looks at life in such a profound way. Still sounds great on record. I purchased Off The Ground. What a great CD/Record. Excellent tracks. They sounded "Retro" - "Modern". Almost timeless. Just like solid music with magic in the mix. Excellent tracks. Great innovation and colors in these tracks. Great lyrics and more. Thanks for posting this interview. Would have missed it otherwise.


Ҫჯ said...

You're welcome! I would have missed it too, if people hadn't posted about it on MySpace.

Just a refreshing interview; refreshing perspectives.