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The Guess Who/Three "American Woman" Remixes

All three (3) tracks are in one download.

**A third remix has been added, Bitter Sweet Woman by DJ Le Clown (France), from the CD Illegal Remixes Volume 6 (2009)

The first download (Blue Stahli Remix) is Burton's fave (so far) of the remixes that have been made using this song, and it's my favourite too... The second download link is for the DJ Lobsterdust remix of American Woman called American Justice, the third is Bittersweet Woman by DJ Le Clown... the three mixes are very different, so check them out.

I've been made aware that some users are choosing to "Open" the downloads on this page instead of choosing to "Save" them... Don't choose "Open", as the downloads will go to your temporary internet files, and you'll probably never find them... always choose to "Save" your downloads.




Tami said...

Thank you Cydney! This is one of my favorites too!


~Linda~ said...

Thanks Cyd!

~Linda~ said...

Grabbed the American Justice mix, thanx!

Ҫჯ said...

Linder, it works much better if you simply download it...

;D bwahahaha

~Linda~ said...

ya, ya, ya - you knew what I meant :D

Ҫჯ said...

No I din'! Honest!